Transforming Data Into Actionable Intelligence

fragmented data

The Challenge

Data and information is fragmented, isolated, inaccurate, unstructured, incomplete.


The Engine

Inome processes raw data through its own algorithms of the Helix engine, connecting the facts together.

fragmented data

The Solution

With the Helix engine, data is now formed into intelligence. The helix engine transforms data into real time insights with predictive capabilities.

How Big is Inome?

All the data in the world is useless unless you unlock the code.
fragmented data


fragmented data

Smart Comparisons

fragmented data

People Profiles

fragmented data

Uncovered Connections

Amazing Technology

Inome proprietary algorithms to sort and connect a vast array of publicly and commercially available data.
Delivers impossible to obtain intelligence in real time accuracy.

The People

The inome management team and founders have worked since 2003 to create this revolutionary helix platform.

Naveen Jain

Founder, CEO

Niraj Shah

Founder, CTO

Ed Petersen

Founder, EVP

Imagine The Possibilities...